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Hey there! It's Friday, October 27th. Today, American Camp Supply is helping you catch up on bat vaccines, how to fix a surging generator, free campsites, and more. If you’re new here, feel free to subscribe here.  Read on. ✌️

In The News

The US Geological Survey and other biologists are studying - and attempting to cure - a strange fungal bacteria in bats. The answer? Vaccines. (See more)

Travel to, and inside of, Yellowstone National Park is not advised, per the National Park Service. Heavy snow and 40mph gusts is affecting Yellowstone, Absaroka Mountains, and Teton and Gros Ventre Mountains. (See more)

How To

Fix surging in your portable generator (video). Carburetor engines are especially prone to surging, so this man set out to fix the problem. (See more)

Random But Noteworthy

A New Boondocking Map? A fellow human made what he is calling ‘Boondocker Atlas’. It’s essentially a map that aims to give viewers friendly locations for boondocking, and he claims it’s more accurate than CalTopo. (See more)

My favorite flavor is free...The Department of the Interior released their 'Fee Free Days for 2023' earlier this year, where several of their bureaus waive the normal fee for public parks. There is one day left for 2023 - Veteran's Day, November 11th. See if there are parks near you that you can explore for free! (See more)

About Our Gear

Sorry, didn't quite catch that... The FIRMAN W01784 is quiet. Like, realllly quiet, with a dB rating of 54dB, well below National Park requirements. Having quiet and reliable portable power is essential for many campers, whether you're spending the night in an RV or in a tent. (See more)


…and that’s a wrap! Thanks for joining us today. Our mission is to curate the best information surrounding camping, boondocking, and the outdoor life, as well as sell top-tier products that will enable your next outdoor adventure. Maybe you stopped by today for the read, or maybe to purchase some awesome gear. Regardless, we appreciate you - thanks for stopping in.

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