Road Ready - Edition 2

Hey there! Welcome to Road Ready, our RV publication. It's Friday, November 3rd. Today, American Camp Supply is helping you catch up on National Park passes, potential restrictions on public land, a whisper-quiet generator, and more. Read on. ✌️

Outdoorsy Stuff You Should Know

Cutting down the costs...Did you know that you can buy different types of passes to explore US National Parks? Buying the right type of pass to suit your travelling needs can save you (a lot) of money, all while granting you access to thousands of parks in the US. (See more) (Quick guide here)

No camping allowed? The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is set to move forward with restricting access to some 245 million acres of public land. Is this needed for ecological health, or government overreach? (See more)

Salt Lake City a Top RV Destination. Salt Lake City, UT has been crowned as having the most bookings on the popular RV site RVshare. (See more)

About Our Gear

Today's featured generator: the FIRMAN W01784. Here are some of our favorite things about this generator:

- It's super quiet - runs at 54dB (that's quieter than your standard house fridge)!
- Built-in parallel kit in case you want to maximize your power with no hassle - just get a 2nd generator and you're all set!
- Eco mode: if you're not drawing the load, this generator will rev down, making the most of your fuel.

…and that’s a wrap! Thanks for joining us today. Our mission is to curate the best information surrounding camping, boondocking, and the outdoor life, as well as sell top-tier products that will enable your next outdoor adventure. Maybe you stopped by today for the read, or maybe to purchase some awesome gear. Regardless, we appreciate you - thanks for stopping in.

See you out there,

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