How Do You Find the Perfect RV Campsite?

How Do You Find the Perfect RV Campsite?

There are tons of places to park your RV and put your head down at night. From the stingy Walmart parking lot to full-service parks, RVers have a lot of choices. We’ve broken some of these down in hopes they are useful to you as you continue your RV journey.

Harvest Hosts: The Charm of Local Experiences

If you’re looking for an immersive and unique camping experience, Harvest Hosts is an excellent option. This membership-based network connects RVers with wineries, farms, and museums, allowing them to stay overnight for free. While the accommodation is complimentary, guests are encouraged to support their hosts by purchasing local products or services.


  • Diverse and interesting locations
  • Cost-effective camping
  • Opportunity to explore local culture


  • Limited amenities
  • Advance booking not always possible

KOA Campgrounds: Familiarity and Comfort

KOA, or Kampgrounds of America, is a well-established name in the camping world. Offering comprehensive facilities, these campgrounds provide a sense of security and convenience. However, this comfort comes at a higher price compared to other options.


  • Full amenities (hookups, Wi-Fi, showers)
  • Consistent quality and service
  • Wide network of locations


  • Higher cost
  • Can be crowded during peak seasons

Hipcamp: The Airbnb of Camping

For those who crave variety and a touch of personalization, Hipcamp serves as the Airbnb for camping. Hosts offer unique private properties, ranging from scenic farmlands to secluded forests, providing an opportunity for a truly customized camping experience.


  • Diverse and unique locations
  • Direct connection with hosts
  • Flexibility in camping style


  • Varying amenities
  • Quality depends on individual hosts

How To Book When A Site Is Fully Booked:

In the realm of RV camping, there will be times when your perfect campground is booked. However, savvy travelers have found ways to navigate this challenge using specialized websites. These websites have different nuances, but are similar in that they constantly crawl the web, looking for cancelled bookings. If this happens at a site you’re visiting, the website will text or email you, and you can take that booking. Here are the sites:

  1. YesYouCamp: This platform allows campers to search for available campsites by date, location, and the number of people or RVs. It's a valuable tool for securing last-minute openings.
  2. WanderingLabs: By setting up notifications for specific campsites, Wandering Labs helps users stay informed about cancellations, providing a second chance to book a coveted spot.
  3. CampNab: Acting as a camping reservation aggregator, CampNab monitors various campsite reservation systems, notifying users when a spot becomes available.
  4. CampsitePhotos: This resource provides a visual glimpse into campsites, along with real-time availability updates, ensuring campers make informed decisions based on their preferences.

While these platforms may not guarantee a spot, they significantly increase the chances of snagging a reservation at a popular campground.

Finding the perfect RV campsite is never easy, but these tools should help you get started. Happy booking!

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