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FIRMAN Zero E Portable Expendable Power Station - E202001

FIRMAN Zero E Portable Expendable Power Station - E202001

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Having the ability to add up to 10 additional portable power packs, this isn't your average lithium-ion power station.

This emissions-free and battery provides ultra-clean energy to power your sensitive devices when you need it the most. A single unit has enough storage to charge your phone 75 times in a row.

Being virtually sound-free, the Zero-E provides 2000W of continuous power, with the capacity for 4000W during peak needs.

Can be placed in parallel with another unit for double the power, unleashing a minimum of 4,000W of continuous power. 


Certification CARB   Certification cETL   Certification EPA


Main Unit

Rated Capacity 1040Wh
Cycle Life >4000 cycles to 80% capacity
Storage Temperature -20 ~ 40 °C (-4 ~104 °F)
Discharging Temperature -20 ~ 40 °C (-4 ~104 °F)
Charging Temperature 0 ~ 40 °C (32 ~104 °F)
Scalability Up to 11.4kWh
Shelf Life 12 Month


AC Charging Watts 1800W
MPPT Watts 400W
Car Charging Watts 240W
USB-C PD Watts 100W


AC Rated Output Watts 2000W
AC Peak Watts 4000W
DC 12V Output Watts 120W
USB-A 5V 3.1A Watts 15.5W*4
USB-C PD Watts 100W*2
Wireless Charger Watts 10W

Control Panel

Multifunction LCD Display Yes
Main Power Switch Yes
USB Output Switch Yes
DC Output Switch Yes
AC Output Switch Yes
USB Indicator Yes
Wireless Indicator Yes
DC Indicator Yes
AC Indicator Yes
USB-A 5V 3.1A 4
USB-C PD Out 100W 1
USB-C PD In&Out 100W 1
Wireless Charger (9V 1.1A) 1
5-15P AC Input (120V 15A) 1
EC5 DC Input (11-70V Max10A) 1
Parallel Port 120V 20A Yes
TT-30R AC Output (120V 30A) 1
5-20R AC Output (120V 20A) 4
DC5521 Output (12V 10A) 1
Cigarette Lighter 12V Output Yes
Input 15A Circuit Breaker Yes
Output 20A Circuit Breaker Yes
Output 30A Circuit Breaker Yes
Expansion Pack Male Connector Yes
Input Cover Yes
Output Cover Yes


Handle Yes
Color Black
Wireless Panel Material Rubber


Battery Pack & BMS

Battery Cell Spec LI-FUN 25Ah 3.2V
Battery Type LFP
Pack Configuration 13S1P
Cooling NA
Rated Charging Current 35A
Rated Discharging Current 65A
Overcurrent Protection Yes
Temperature Protection Yes
Short Circuit Protection Yes
Balance Management Yes



Bidirectional Inverter Yes
EPS (≤20ms) Yes
Parallel Yes
Constance Power Output Yes
Input Voltage Protection Yes
Input Frequency Protection Yes
Input Over Current Protection Yes
Output Over Current Protection Yes
Output Short Circuit Protection Yes
Temperature Protection Yes
Fan Cooling Yes



UPC Code 840876105009
Carton Dimensions 19.7x15x16.5
Carton Weight 47.6
Product Dimensions 16x10.6x11.2
Product Weight 42.7
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