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FIRMAN 1008 - Inverter Generator Cover – 1500-2200W

FIRMAN 1008 - Inverter Generator Cover – 1500-2200W

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Protect your FIRMAN Inverter from the roughest of elements with your FIRMAN Inverter cover. Your FIRMAN Inverter cover is durable, water-resistant, and made of heavy-duty vinyl to protect your Inverter in the toughest of conditions. Keeps safe from rain, snow, UV rays, dust storms, damaging scratches, and other elements of outdoor life.


SKU: 1008

    PRODUCT TYPE: Small Wattage Inverter Cover 

    Firman Model 1008 Features:

    • Model – 1008
    • Fits the Small Inverter Generators 1500 – 2200 Watts or up to 18.9” X 11.8” X 15.4”
    • Double insulated
    • Durable exterior finish built to last for years
    • Easy to install
    • Powerful, durable pull cord to keep your cover secure even in windy conditions
    • FIRMAN logo printed in Bold FIRMAN Gold across front
    • Integrated zipper and velcro ¬flap to carry your Inverter while it’s covered
    • 120-day warranty

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